Creativ Company elevates hobby retail through personalization

Creativ Company, a leading name in the online hobby retail industry, has successfully revolutionized the online shopping experience for hobby enthusiasts. By recognizing the unique demands of their market and strategically implementing Relewise’s powerful search and recommendation solutions, Creativ Company has not only improved customer satisfaction but also increased their conversion rates.


30% Increase in Conversion

Since implementing Relewise, Creativ Company has experienced an impressive 30% increase in conversion rates across their 11 markets.

This remarkable result underscores the impact of effective segmentation and personalized recommendations on the bottom line. 

Understanding the Hobby Enthusiast’s Needs 

In the realm of hobby enthusiasts, a personalized and efficient online shopping experience is vital. These customers seek precisely what they need for their creative endeavors, whether it’s the perfect shade of paint, unique crafting supplies, or tools for imaginative projects. For Creativ Company, the recognition of this specific need was paramount. 

The Role of Efficient Search Functionality 

Creativ Company realized that a highly effective search function was the cornerstone of their strategy. It needed to offer precision, delivering exactly what customers were searching for, and relevance, ensuring that the results were tailored to their creative needs. The search function had to be intuitive, user-friendly, and enriched with features such as auto-suggestions and filters to streamline the shopping process. It was not just about searching for products; it was about making the search experience delightful. 

Content Recommendations for Inspiration 

However, Creativ Company understood that their customer’s journey didn’t stop at finding products. It also included seeking inspiration and new ideas to fuel their creative projects. This is where content recommendations became an integral part of the sopping experience. Hobbyists thirst for fresh ideas, motivation, and guidance. Creativ Company’s strategy was clear: recommend relevant content such as tutorials and project ideas, to keep customers engaged and motivated.  


“Our mission is to sell not only products but also the idea of what customers can create with those products. We understand the importance of combining efficient search functionality and content recommendations to inspire and deliver the products customer needs.

Relewise’s solutions allows us to do exactly that.” 

Peter Rahbek, Ecommerce Director

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Empowering Segmentation for Diverse Audiences 

Creativ Company recognized that they serve a diverse customer base, including individual consumers (B2C), businesses (B2B), and educational institutions (B2G). Each of these segments has unique needs and preferences. To deliver a tailored shopping experience, Creativ Company needed to differentiate and personalize their offerings.  

Relewise’s segmentation and personalization capabilities have enabled Creativ Company to tailor offerings to distinct customer segments. 

Relewise’s classifications offer insights into user characteristics. For Creativ Company, this means delivering personalized experiences for each segment. B2C customers receive recommendations aligned with their interests, B2B customers discover products for business needs, and B2G customers access educational supplies.  

Relewise’s Assortments categorize products and control user access. This ensures that recommendations and search results are relevant. Products outside a user’s access or assortment are never recommended, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. 


“Almost all the companies we talked to had difficulty with this segmentation, or there were some trade-offs that we weren’t keen on. But when we had a talk with Relewise, we felt that they were ready to work on solutions within what we wanted. So, it didn’t just feel like sales talk, where they said we can do it all. All of our wishes and ideas are met with an open mind, and they don’t promise anything they don’t deliver on.” 

Kim Gaba, Ecommerce Optimization Manager

Fostering Customer Loyalty 

Creativ Company’s combined approach of efficient search functionality and content recommendations aimed to enhance the overall shopping experience. By making it easier for customers to find what they need and discover new ideas, they foster customer satisfaction and loyalty. Delighted customers were more likely to return for future purchases, knowing that Creativ Company understood their unique creative needs and made the shopping process seamless.   

The journey towards optimizing the shopping experience would not have been possible without Relewise. Creativ Company’s partnership with Relewise empowered them to overcome their challenges in product data and segmentation, enabling them to provide tailored recommendations, efficient search results, and an overall improved shopping experience. 


“Our ability to segment our customers and offer tailored search and recommendations has been a game-changer. We are now able to provide a shopping experience that is not only efficient but also inspiring for all our customer segments.”

 Kim Gaba, Ecommerce Optimization Manager

A Bright Future Ahead 

 Creativ Company is not stopping here. They are continually exploring new ways to enhance their customers' experiences. From further optimizing their search engine to analyzing search trends and 0-results queries, they have a clear vision of the road ahead.  


“We’re currently working on integrating recommendation bands into our email marketing flows, and Relewise’s assistance has been invaluable in customizing the solution to our needs.”  

Peter Rahbek, Ecommerce Director

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