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In an e-commerce reality where competition is fierce, customer experiences are the primary battle ground. Use personalization to stand out and let your customers feel that you understand them.


Søstrene Grene is a Danish retail chain offering interior decor, gifts, stationery, and furniture in stores in 15 countries and online.

We are enhancing the online experience with personalized search, personalized product and content recommendations, newsletter content, and personalized sorting of category pages.

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Søstrene Grene
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Intelligent e-commerce site search

Relewise Search delivers a personalized product and content discovery that automatically ensures an uninterrupted user journey guiding customers directly to the products or information they are looking for and always understanding user's intent.


Journey-aware content and product recommendations

Relewise recommendations contain a comprehensive library of product and content recommendation types to consistently deliver excellent results and guarantee optimal conversions in any given situation.


E-commerce merchandising made easy

Let business users balance a relevant product discovery experience and your strategic goals to boost your e-commerce performance further.

No matter the tech stack you use, we got your back!

Born headless and API-first, Relewise is built to integrate with any platform.

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