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Here we share our knowledge and provide best-practices so that you can deliver the best personalized user experience to your customers.


Unlock the Power of Product Search and Product Discovery

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, understanding the distinct roles of product search and product discovery is vital for businesses to thrive.


The Satisfaction of Accuracy

Your customers expect you to know what they want. Give them that gratification.


Sustainability - a Real Customer Filter Factor

In a survey from PriceRunner, 12% say that they have at least once opted out of an e-commerce store due to their lack of consideration for the environment and sustainability, and this number is expected to increase rapidly.


Five Pitfalls to Avoid When Optimizing Conversions

Product recommendations are a standard component in personalizing the online customer journey. They can improve the customer experience and increase conversion rates and average order size - but only when implemented correctly.

With a product assortment containing many variants, discoverability is key to online success. We are providing Garant with lightning-fast personalized products and content search, ensuring a smooth customer experience. When searching for products, Relewise also considers variant information bringing the customer directly to the most relevant variant.

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