Enable brands and suppliers to advertise directly on your marketplace

As a retailer, you are the final step before a transaction, granting access to valuable and decisive data about your customers and prospects.


Data-driven solutions for optimal reach and visibility

Relewise Retail Media offers data-driven, measurable, and transparent solutions that enhance reach and visibility precisely where it matters most—right before the transaction.


Relevance & Behavior

Relewise Retail Media emphasizes high relevance in ads by utilizing user behavior data.

To use Relewise Retail Media, you must already be using the Relewise Search & Personalization engine. This integration ensures that Relewise collects the necessary behavioral data to maintain the high relevance crucial for effective ads on your site.


Defining the Placements

Start by deciding where you want the sponsored product placements to appear and how many to make available. Common placements include Product Listing Pages (PLPs) or search results, but can also extend to apps, emails, and more.


Collaborate to create strong campaigns

Relewise Retail Media supports multiple advertisers and campaigns, with the highest CPM bid winning the sponsored placement.

Collaborate closely with your suppliers when creating campaigns to ensure mutual value for all parties—retailers, suppliers, and customers.


Real-Time and Flexible

Once live, Relewise checks for active campaigns matching user behavior whenever a user visits your site or app. Products from the highest-bid campaigns are shown in real-time within the configured sponsored placements.

Billing is based on actual ad spend, calculated continuously, allowing flexible billing agreements with suppliers.

Harness the power of
Retail Media

If you're a retailer looking to increase ad revenue by giving your suppliers a chance to get more product visibility and sales, Relewise Retail Media has all the tools you need to succeed.

Christian and the team will gladly help :)