Have You Ever Thought "I Could Do This Better"?

Exactly this thought occurred to the founding fathers of Relewise, Ronnie, Sune, and Brian back in 2020. After a lot of thinking, designing, and coding, they started looking into the complexity of an algorithm and went ahead with the development of what we today know as the Relewise Search & Personalization Platform

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Brian Holmgård Kristensen bhk@relewise.com
Sune Hansen sdh@relewise.com
Ronnie Balle rba@relewise.com
Martin Popp Andersen mpa@relewise.com
Christian Pelle cpe@relewise.com
Christian Bennich cbe@relewise.com
Victor Koch Petersen vkp@relewise.com
Rasmus Elze Østergaard
Martin Zanoni
Kristoffer Strube
Gudfinn Trónd Thorsteinsson gtt@relewise.com
Alexandra Rump
Simon Walenkamp Hansen
Maria Visser Maltesen mvm@relewise.com
Francine Oswaldo Studsgaard fos@relewise.com
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