Pay for what you actually use

Relewise is priced based on actual usage. Every month you get an invoice calculated on the basis of the exact number of personalization requests that have been made. No high-water mark pricing.

Want an estimate for the price to personalize the journey for your customers? Book a short meeting or reach out to us at

One license – access to everything

You don’t need to purchase multiple packages or modules to access different features in Relewise. If you want to use Relewise you get access to everything. This way you can test and experiment without committing to usage for an extended period.

Customer Success Commitment

Relewise is committed to your success. Right from the get-go, we have your back, and our experienced Customer Success team works with either your developers or agency for a smooth and fast onboarding. We provide continuous sparring about best practices and optimizations to ensure you get the most for your money.

Want an estimate for the price to personalize the journey for your customers? Book a short meeting or reach out to us at


Search Analytics
Analytics Data Retention 5 Years
Dynamic Rerank
Synomyms Unlimited
Natural Language Processing (NPL)
Filters and Facets
Merchandising Rules 10.000
Search API
Complementary Products Recommendations
Supplementary Products Recommendations
Popular/Trending Products Recommendations
Popular/Trending Brands Recommendations
Popular/trending brands
Popular/Trending Categories Recommendations
Popular/Trending Content Recommendations
Search Term Based Recommendations
Personal Product Recommendation
Personal Content Recommendation
Similar Products
Custom Products Recommendations
Sort Products/Variants
Recommendation Performance Analytics
Analytics Data Retention 5 Years
Merchandising Rules 10.000
Recommendation API
Trigger API
Abandoned Cart Trigger
Product Interest Trigger
Category Interest Trigger
Brand Interest Trigger
Price Drop Trigger
Assortment Support
Multi-Language Support
Multi-Currency Support
Multi-Domain Support Unlimited
Merchandising Center
Rules Affecting Selected Products
Rules Affecting Selected Categories
Rules for Selected Audiences
Rules Based On Audience Behavior
Boost and Bury
Pin and Filter
Additional team members Unlimited
Differentiated access levels
Support & Success
Email & Slack Support