Relewise pricing model

No silly Basic, Pro and Enterprise plans!
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Unit price decreases with more usage

The more personalization requests you make, the lower the unit price. We accumulate requests across all your sites or solutions to reach lower unit prices.


One license – access to everything

You don’t need to purchase multiple packages or modules to access different features in Relewise. If you want to use Relewise you get access to everything. This way you can test and experiment without committing to usage for an extended period. 


No lock-in period

We believe that non-termination and lock-in periods are remnants of times past. Therefore the Relewise license has no lock-in period and can be terminated by the end of a month. 

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We are committed to your success

Right from the get-go, we have your back and our experienced Customer Success team works with your developers, e-commerce team, or agency for a smooth and fast onboarding.

We provide continuous sparring about best practices and optimizations to ensure you get the most for your money.

Relewise feature list



Search results personalized for the individual user -

Analyzing user behavior and preferences, Relewise Search provides personalized results to every shopper.

The search engine ensures that results are sorted by user’s brand preference, are available in the preferred size, match other products in the basket, etc.

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Search analytics

Understand search patterns and trending searches

Analytics data retention

5 years
5 years
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Dynamic Reranking

Sorting algorithm automatically prioritizes currently best-performing products and content

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Advanced support for 28 languages and default support for all other languages

Filters and Facets

Merchandising Rules


Enhance default ranking to align with business rules


Search API

Access the search functionality through any channel: web, app, POS, etc.


Complementary Products Recommendations

Supplementary Products Recommendations

Popular/Trending Products Recommendations

Popular/Trending Brands Recommendations

Popular/Trending Brands

Popular/Trending Categories Recommendations

Popular/Trending Content Recommendations

Filters and Facets

Search Term-Based Recommendations

Recommendations based on search term and popular search items

Personal Content Recommendation

Similar Products

Custom Products Recommendations

Sort Products/Variants

Sort products or variants after relevance for a given user

Recommendation Performance Analytics

Click and conversion analytics for recommendations to optimize your business

Analytics Data Retention

5 Years
5 Years

Merchandising Rules


Enhance default ranking to align with business rules


Recommendation API

Deliver recommendations in any channel: web, app, e-mail, POS, etc.


Trigger API

Abandoned Cart Trigger

Product Interest Trigger

Category Interest Trigger

Brand Interest Trigger

Price Drop Trigger


Assortment Support

Multi-Language Support

Multi-Currency Support

Multi-Domain Support


Merchandising Center

Rules Affecting Selected Products

Rules Affecting Selected Categories

Rules for Selected Audiences

Rules Based on Audience Behavior

Boost and Bury

Increase or decrease exposure of products and categories by optional factors

Pin and Filter

Pin products to selected positions or filter them from product recommendations


Additional Team Members


Differentiated Access Level

Support & Success


Email & Slack Support

We'll give you total transparency

Relewise is priced based on actual usage. Every month you get an invoice calculated on the exact number of personalization requests that have been made. No high-water mark pricing.

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