The Story of Relewise

We're on a journey to unlock the power of true personalization - and we're only just getting started!
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Have you ever thought "I could do this better?"

Exactly that thought occurred to Relewise founding fathers Ronnie, Sune, and Brian back in 2020. After many years of implementing and developing large-scale e-commerce solutions in Denmark and internationally and after using several different search and personalization tools, they concluded:

"We can do this better"

After a lot of thinking, designing, and coding, they started looking into the complexity of an algorithm and went ahead with the development of what we today know as:

Relewise Search and Personalization Platform

Today Relewise is used by large-scale clients, from retail giants to B2B mastodonts. No matter the client, The Relewise platform always boosts conversions and optimizes the user experience creating the personalized and modern website experience today’s customers expect. Relewise is created by and for developers; that’s why we live by the rule:

Zero compromises in our product and software

The Relewise Platform integrates with all platforms that allow it and support millions of products, content pieces, and variants. All data gets persisted, analyzed, and used in real-time at lightning speed and with zero delays. The platform also supports sales and marketing automation, e.g., Abandoned Cart, Product- and Category interest triggers, working together with industry-leading platform providers.

Our ultimate motivation is to give the best end-user experience

From a coding and business perspective, we dedicate ourselves to providing developers and marketers with the best tools to implement and tailor their solutions.

No Relewise without great customers!

Our customers are a vital part of our story. Without them we could never do what we love the most - create true personalized online experiences.

Tress offers a wide range of sports and activity equipment and outdoor furniture. They sell both B2C and B2B, as well as B2G, and Relewise provides a personalized search and product discovery experience for all their customers in the Nordic countries.

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We would love to tell you more.

We'd really like to hear from you - and with our many years of experience in the field of e-commerce and development, we've seen it all and we love a challenge.

Sune and the team will gladly tell you more :)