Hi! We are Relewise

We are happy to announce Relewise - a faster and better Recommendation Engine, designed to provide you with the most relevant and personalized recommendation experiences, to match the increasing expectations of today's online customers.

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Meet Relewise - the new kid on the block

Our company is a new tech-startup, based in Aarhus, Denmark and combined we have more than 40 years of experience in building some of the largest e-commerce sites in Denmark.

Relevance is King

How many times have you heard "trust the algorithm"? We believe that statistical relevance is practically useless, when it comes to delivering the best recommendations for a great user experience. Just because everyone buys Milk, it does not mean that your users will find such recommendations relevant or useful when shopping for "Ice Cream" – we get it.

Rocket speed

Our recommendation engine is lightning fast. In fact, we are confident that we are hands down, the fastest engine out there, with average server response time of less than 0.002 seconds! From first to last request, no caching involved.

Relewise ❤ data

And we also love scalability. We thrive with hundreds, thousands or even millions of products, variants and custom data-attributes. Combined with our Merchandising features, allowing you to dynamically filter, tune and boost your recommendations, we provide the best experience for your users, regardless of how little or how much data you have available.

Everything is Realtime

All updates to and from Relewise, are always in real-time. You can instantly observe recommendation adaptation, behavior tracking, revenue generation and conversions through our dashboard.

GDPR compliancy

GDPR compliancy is 1st class citizen in Relewise. We care a lot about the privacy of your customers! The consideration for privacy and freedom of choice, is clear in everything from the means of tracking, to the tools we have built in to support all user rights required by GDPR, e.g. "The right to erasure" and "The right to restrict processing".

... and a whole lot more

In addition to all of the essentials, we offer new recommendation types like automatically finding alternatives to out-of-stock products, multidirectional recommendations between products and content pages, auto-categorization of uncategorized products, abandoned baskets, automatic customer segmentation and a lot more.

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back the first three months - no conditions, no questions asked.

Meet some of our customers

Coop.dk MAD

Coop is the largest retailer of consumer goods in Denmark. We are working together with Coop.dk MAD, on their online supermarket with more than 8.000 products and specialty stores, providing product recommendations, including 100% automated recommending of alternatives to out of stock products with similar products.

EET Group

EET Group is Europe's leading distributor within Server, Computer & Printer parts, Storage & Network, Consumer Electronics etc. We are working with EET Group, by delivering on-site personalization and also providing automatic categorization of more than 1,000,000 products, as part of their PIM integration.

Søstrene Grene

Søstrene Grene recently launched their brand-new online store and are now working with us to enhance the online shopping experience, to match the great experience that customers are used to in Søstrene Grene offline stores around the world. We will deliver highly personalized recommendations for both product and content pages, utilizing many merchandising features, to further enhance relevance and conversion rates.