Award-Winning E-Commerce Case: Relewise, Søstrene Grene and Vertica

In collaboration with Søstrene Grene and Vertica, Relewise has been recognized with the prestigious e-commerce award for The Best E-commerce Case given by the Danish Chamber of Commerce.

This case study showcases the remarkable transformation and success achieved through our combined efforts in personalization and e-commerce solutions.

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Key figures:

  • +53,000,000 visitors on, representing a 34% growth.
  • Expansion to 5 new online markets
  • 28% increase in online sales
  • 3x increase in impressions with recommendations on PDP compared to the same period last year

Email key figures:

  • Open rate increased from 48% to 78%
  • Click rate increased from 5% to 20%
  • Conversion rate increased from 0.5% to 12%
  • Basket size increased by 23%
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) increased by 197%
  • Revenue per email increased by 303%

Embracing Core Values Through Personalization and Innovation

How Søstrene Grene and Relewise Revolutionized E-Commerce with a Customer-Centric Approach

Søstrene Grene values renewal, joy, and good finds among their core values, reflected in their thorough and detail-oriented approach to their retail operations. Not only does Søstrene Grene sell around 4,000 products, many of which are available only for a limited period, but they also emphasize knowing their customers well enough to create relevant personalization and engaging communication whenever new products land online. Their mantra is “Experience Like No Other.”

Handling frequent and extensive product changes and supporting the personalized customer journey requires a strong and flexible e-commerce setup, along with the right tools to elevate the personalization effort. Søstrene Grene, in collaboration with Relewise and Vertica, has achieved this with significant results.

Tailored Communication Drives Significant Growth for Søstrene Grene

Using Relewise’s personalization platform, Søstrene Grene has tailored their email communication to each customer based on their personal preferences, behavior, and previous purchases. This approach ensures a much more relevant and engaging experience for each recipient.

This personalized communication strategy is part of Søstrene Grene’s broader digital transformation efforts. Personalized customer experiences have been a key component of their ambitious digital journey. As a result, in 2023, they successfully opened 5 new digital markets, leading to a remarkable 28% growth in digital sales. This impressive outcome builds on an already strong and well-established online business, demonstrating the powerful impact of their personalized marketing efforts.


Better Service to Customers 

Thanks to the collaboration with Relewise and Vertica, Søstrene Grene can now collect data to segment their customers based on behavior and preferences. This gives them the tools to create precise and relevant targeting of their communication online through their website, app, advertising, and email automation. It also enables them to enhance personalization across website searches, products, and inspirational content. This relationship-building collaboration has led to a 303% increase in revenue per email, as customers now receive personal and relevant communications and recommendations that consider  individual preferences.

Increased Efficiency

Søstrene Grene’s DNA is deeply rooted in creating unique experiences for their customers—a perspective clearly seen across their omnichannel setup and plays a significant role in their strategic work every day, especially on Thursdays.

Every Thursday, Søstrene Grene launches brand new products. With each launch, they refresh up to 400 items, which is approximately 70% of their total product assortment across 110 product lines.

However, with Thursday comes a challenge. The challenge is first to efficiently manage the new products and the large amount of data that comes with them. Then, it is to transform the data into personalized product and content recommendations on-site, in advertising, and in tailored emails. These recommendations require significant resources to assemble and would require many editor hours if selected and set up manually on landing pages or individually activated in advertising and email flows.

Using Relewise’s system and their overall e-commerce setup, Søstrene Grene can analyze each customer’s behavior and interests. Based on the first-party data provided by customers, they can calculate affinity for each category. This analysis enables Søstrene Grene to personalize the customer experience, deliver relevant recommendations on their webshop and email, and gain an in-depth understanding of their customers.

This approach strengthens Søstrene Grene’s customer relationships, increases customer loyalty, and, through automated processes, saves resources in personalizing content and recommendations.

Cost Efficiency and Market Expansion

Together with Søstrene Grene, a solution was developed that analyzes user behavior data and creates a "Category Lead Scoring" model based on user preferences within all categories. The model is used to show personalized product and content recommendations in email communications (80,000,000 emails annually), further influenced by Relewise’s Merchandising to boost high-margin products.

All this is possible because it is built on a flexible and scalable e-commerce setup that supports Søstrene Grene’s ambitions and growth. This is also seen in the massive and seamless expansion into new markets that Søstrene Grene undertook in 2023. They launched their webshop in 5 new markets and now operate in a total of 11 online markets. This ambitious business development, thanks to a professional and well-aligned e-commerce setup, has proceeded without challenges and resulted in Søstrene Grene achieving +53,000,000 visitors on in 2023, a visitor count corresponding to a 34% growth compared to the previous year.


The collaboration between Søstrene Grene, Relewise, and Vertica exemplifies the power of personalized, data-driven e-commerce strategies. By deeply understanding their customers and leveraging advanced personalization tools, Søstrene Grene has achieved remarkable growth and enhanced customer engagement. 

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