Retail Media

Providing Brands and Suppliers with the opportunity to advertise their products directly on Retailers' sales channels

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Connect with high-intent shoppers

Allow brands and suppliers to target products to the right audience at the right time, by delivering sponsored products ads to ensure visibility where buyers are most likely to convert in the customer journey

Explore the opportunities within Retail Media

Retail media as a marketing method has transformed the way brands and retailers engage with consumers online.

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The strategy that benefits both retailers and brands

Relewise Retail Media enables brands and suppliers to connect with shoppers through highly relevant ads near the digital point of sale directly on retailer websites and apps.



As a retailer you can add a new revenue stream while enhancing the shopping experience through qualified relevant ads


Your brands improve their position on the digital shelf with sponsored products tailored to each shopper's preferences

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Personalize. Connect. 2-1
Personalize. Connect. 1-1

What is Retail Media for Retailers?

Retail Media enables retailers to turn their first-party data and audiences into a new revenue stream, while maintaining relevancy on sponsored products.

Capture budget from brands and suppliers by offering them targeted advertising opportunities based on user preferences - directly on your product landing pages or in search results.

What is Retail Media for Brands?

Retail Media allows your brands and suppliers to reach shoppers with relevant ads at the digital point of sale on the retail partner websites and apps.

Improving their position on the digital shelf, by putting their products to the forefront, by inserting sponsored products at the top of product landing pages or in search results - while stille retaining relevancy and personalization, and in the most important step of the customer journey.

Harness the power of
Retail Media

If you're a retailer looking to increase ad revenue by giving your suppliers a chance to get more product visibility and sales, Relewise Retail Media has all the tools you need to succeed.

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