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Built on MACH principles Relewise integrates with every e-commerce platform - ALWAYS empowering both developers and marketers

Born headless and API-first.
 Built to integrate with any platform

Analyzing customer behavior data, Relewise’s platform enables you to deliver on your customer’s expectations and beyond in an instant.

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Seamless Search with User Intent

Help users find what they need quickly and effortlessly with search results that are fine-tuned to match their intent. By analyzing search patterns and historical data, Relewise optimizes the search process, making it easier for your customers to discover products aligned with their needs.

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Product Discovery with Tailored Recommendations

Experience the power of advanced algorithms and machine learning with Relewise. Our platform transforms product discovery by delivering personalized product recommendations tailored to each user. By analyzing behavior, preferences, and interactions, Relewise ensures customers see the most relevant offerings to them.

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E-commerce Merchandising 
Made Easy

Relewise Merchandising gives you rules to elevate high-priority products or adjust rankings based on user preferences. You can lock certain items in strategic positions and better capture users' attention.

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Content Discovery for Engaging Experiences

In addition to products, Relewise's content discovery enriches the user journey. Curated content, blog posts, articles, and videos are presented based on users' interests and preferences that keeps your users interested.

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Seize Opportunities with Triggers

With personalized reminders and exclusive offers, Relewise entices customers to return and finalize their orders. With Triggers you can ensure that users receive tailored notifications or deals for products they've shown interest in. 

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Let's reach your
personalisation potential

At Relewise, we provide our customers with the competitive edge of true personalization, so they can deliver unique user experiences. We want your business to reach its personalization potential, and we want to help you all the way.


A platform that understands your variants

Why waste time showing irrelevant product sizes to a customer looking for a shirt in a certain size, right? The Relewise platform understands user intent and adapts in real time to their input, thus improving the user journey towards a purchase


Instant support of new arrivals and changes in season products

Our engineers have built a flawless integration which support changing collections due to seasons and of course also frequent new arrivals and expired products.
This means that the adaptation to new relevant products is happening at an instant, and there will be no lag or manual labor involved to get the new products in rotation.


Easily show personalized recommendations in your newsletters

Relewise enhances the personalization of your newsletter by tailoring them to each individual user's behavior and interests. This ensures that they are exposed to highly relevant offerings during your daily marketing activities.

Meet our Partners

Relewise partners are forward-thinking agencies and consultants working to build world-class omnichannel experiences for retailers and brands.


With a shared vision to accelerate time-to-market and improve ROI, they help take your business to the next level.

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