Display Personalized and Relevant Recommendations in Email

Relewise enhances the personalization of your e-mail marketing by tailoring them to each individual based on their user behavior and interests. This ensures that they are exposed to highly relevant offerings in your e-mail marketing activities.


Customize Every Email for Tailored Engagement

Relewise empowers you to personalize each email to the recipient whether you send a few emails or a large volume every day, week, or month. Our platform utilizes the recipient's previous interactions with your website to ensure that the content of each email is customized and relevant to their specific interests.

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Mos Mosh is an internationally oriented, fast-growing fashion brand with each style designed with passion, love, and heart. We help provide a personalized and engaging customer journey through product recommendations both onsite and e-mail marketing.

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Relewise already Integrates with your existing Email Tech Stack

Born headless and API-first, Relewise is built to integrate with any platform to create outstanding customer experiences.

We have your back, no matter the platform you are on or the technology stack you use!

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