E-commerce merchandising made easy

Let business users balance a relevant product discovery experience and your strategic goals to further boost your e-commerce performance.

Reduce merchandising workload and unlock developer time

Create merchandising rules to be automatically applied in any channel via Relewise’s intuitive and easy-to-use merchandising tool and free resources for growth and innovation.

Flexible rule engine

The merchandising tool offers unique flexibility when it comes to configuring the rules. Create merchandising rules affecting selected products and categories, for selected audiences even based on audience behavior.

Across all channels and locations

Merchandising rules can be applied to any or all personalized content locations throughout your shop and any other channel. Affect product recommendations, search results, or sorting in category listings.

Business requirements and user preferences

Create merchandising rules that combine business requirements and user preferences to meet internal business goals without compromising the customer experience.

Boost, bury, pin, or filter

Increase or decrease product exposure by boosting or burying them by an optional factor. Alternatively pin them to a fixed position or filter them completely from product recommendations and/or search results.

Business tools

Minimize merchandising workload for business users and track performance with dedicated intuitive and easy-to-use business tools. Changes take effect immediately or can be time-restricted to follow campaigns, seasons etc.

Often seen merchandising use cases

Vendor subsidized campaigns
Create additional revenue streams by allowing vendors to pay for boosting of their products in any or all locations like search results, sorting in category listings, or product recommendation modules.
Inventory level optimization
Create merchandising rules that increase stock turnover for products you want to clear from your inventory by displaying them to more people.
Prioritize high-margin or private label products
Private label or other product with high margin may not naturally be the products generating a lot of traffic and sales. Boosting these can attract more attention to them and be good for business.
Target visitors acquired through paid media
When running paid media campaigns boost specific products relevant to these, to visitors coming to your shop with matching UTM-codes.