POSITION FILLED - Backend and API developer

Relewise offers a personalization and search platform (SaaS) used by E-commerce and Marketing managers to provide better CX and thereby increase sales and conversion rates. We are headless and can be integrated to any e-commerce, marketing automation or app platform via our REST API.

As a backend and API developer you will be implementing new features as well as improve upon existing functionality within our platform.

We also expect that, over time, you will be comfortable with development in our core engine, that collect, analyze, and report on behavioral data collected from our customers in real-time. Everything is built ground up to provide the performance and flexibility, which is one of the unique features of Relewise. We do not rely on any database or third-party frameworks. It may sound geeky – and we are not afraid to admit that it is.

You will get to:

  • Be a key contributor to the design, development, and ultimately operation of the personalization platform
  • Work with highly skilled and passionate colleagues
  • Help implement continuous improvements of our internal tools and processes

We expect you to have:

  • Experience working with large datasets and high throughput, high performance systems
  • Rigor in high code quality, SOLID principals, and other engineering best practices
  • Multiple years of experience working in C#

It is a bonus if you:

  • Have hands on experience in large-scale system architecture, high scalability and availability, and optimization
  • Have a high level of statistical and mathematical knowledge and experience
  • Can share some of the code you've written, for example from side-projects
  • Have Azure Cloud experience
  • Are fluent in Danish

Founded in 2020 we have spent a lot of time refining our products and onboarding our first customers. We now have proven customer/market-fit with 20+ customers and experience a huge interest from both customers and partners in our platform. Therefore, we are looking to further both increase the development speed of our platform and onboarding process of new customers.

We are currently four fulltime people at our office in Aarhus. The position is full-time and offers flexible working hours as well as remote days. Salary will be based on qualifications.

If you have any questions about the position, please do not hesitate to reach out to Brian Holmgård Kristensen on +45 51 27 07 74.

Sounds interesting? Let us get to know you by sending your application with CV and a motivational letter to job@relewise.com. If you have any code to share, please do not forget to link to that.