Ahlsell's Personalized Search Function Drives Customer Loyalty and Conversions

With an improved search function, Ahlsell’s customers and employees have a tool that instantly enhances the shopping experience, laying the groundwork for increased customer loyalty.

This customer case is created in collaboration with our implementation partner Alpha Solutions.


Ahlsell, the largest technical distributor in the Nordics, boasts a vast and complex product range of over 430,000 items for the industrial and construction sectors. Ensuring that customers are presented with the most relevant products on the company’s webshop requires a unique approach.

To achieve this, Ahlsell has invested in an efficient, personalized search function on their website and app.

A powerful search function is no longer just a “nice-to-have” but a vital part of any successful e-commerce strategy. The right search function can improve the entire shopping experience by helping customers find exactly what they are looking for as quickly as possible.

User-friendly and lightning-fast search function

To meet this challenge, together with Alpha Solutions, we implemented an advanced search solution developed on the Relewise platform. This solution is designed to understand and process the complex naming conventions of often technical character. With the ability to search by product number, names, and sizes, this solution offers a seamless user experience, accurately understanding user searches and guiding them efficiently to the relevant products.

The enhanced search function is highly valuable for Ahlsell’s customers in the construction and industrial sectors. These are professionals who need to progress quickly in their daily tasks, where projects and timelines must be met.

Behavior tracking utilizes "wisdom of the crowd"

The search engine is also built to track and analyze user behavior and purchase history. Data is continuously integrated into Relewise to improve and personalize the search experience for each customer. By learning from general behavior patterns among all users – often referred to as the "wisdom of the crowd" – the system can present the most relevant search results based on past behavior and predict and highlight products likely to be of interest. This approach makes the search experience more intuitive and efficient for users who regularly use Ahlsell’s website for their work.

“I find the items in half the time. This means that my service level towards customers is much higher than before. The functions allowing me to search for parts of product numbers, parts of product descriptions, sizes, etc., make my daily work much easier and faster.”

— Milan Bruun, Store Sales Manager, Ahlsell Denmark



Improving service levels across all sales channels

The new search function has already enhanced service levels in both Ahlsell’s webshop and the company’s physical hardware stores. Not only can customers quickly find what they need within the vast product range, but sales staff can also swiftly locate the exact products customers are requesting. This improves operational efficiency and direct customer interaction.

A well-functioning search drives customer loyalty 

Ahlsell’s investment in a faster and more intuitive search function underscores how good digital craftsmanship can streamline daily operations.

Customer and employee reactions to the new solution demonstrate how a reliable and efficient search function can create and maintain customer loyalty, positioning Ahlsell as the preferred supplier in the future.


“I find it advantageous that the search engine knows what I usually buy and therefore prioritizes it in the search results. It makes it much quicker to find what I’m looking for. I’ve started using Ahlsell’s website more, which has also led to more purchases on the site. This will certainly keep more users on the site.”

— Mikkel Ilsøe Steffensen, HVAC Coordinator, Dansk InstallationsTeknik

About Ahlsell

Ahlsell, formerly known as Sanistål, is a leading supplier of products and solutions for professionals in construction, industrial, and installation. The company offers a broad range of products, including tools, steel, metals, HVAC equipment, and industrial components. With a strong presence in the Danish market, Ahlsell is known for its extensive expertise and ability to deliver essential materials and equipment quickly and efficiently for both large projects and daily operations.


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